untitled 03 — 02.02.2018 (GT)

Two Words.


Elite System. Divided States.

Horde Wealth. Rat Race.


Class Warfare. Violent Control.

Own Bodies. Sell Souls.


Screen Age. Stop Movement.

Hold Power. Keep Shooting.


Killers Rule. Victims Blamed.

Take Glory. No Shame.


Rip Ravage. Ruin Reap.

Roll Right. Righteous Reek.


Forced Labor. Devour More.

Brutal Conditions. Rotten Core.

Seek Truth. Love Self.

Thank Others. Spiritual Wealth.


Be Original. Live Bold.

Forge Peace. Stay Whole.


Carry Water. Hold Light.

Protect Passion. Shine Bright.


Motion Stirs. Humans Rise.

Life Rages. Deep Inside.


Imagine Beyond. Broken Chains.

No Limits. Radical Change.


Youth Lead. Reach Higher.

Teachers Teach. Soul Fire.



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