We are simply 2 educators with two main goals for this website.

  1. Keeping it 100
  2. Protecting our passion

We are justice-oriented educators with a global mindset. We were privileged to have our consciousness raised as young college students studying social movements in this country and around the world. Because of this gift of education, we have followed our passion to become educators that would impart the same legacy that we’ve inherited to our students.

We want to use this site as an opportunity to to interface with the wider public. Often, most folks, including educators, are unaware of the multi-faceted aspirations that drive today’s young teachers. We plan on sharing our dynamic activities with you through brief blog posts.


We’ll be keeping it 100–totally real in 100-word length blog posts.

We’ll also be protecting our passion. Often times, as educators doing this work, we encounter systems that are operating to accomplish what they were designed to do–oppress. Whether it’s stale curriculum, closed-minded administrators or union gatekeepers, our passion is often threatened. By insisting on the validity of our work by showcasing it here, we’ll be protecting our passion to persist in the critical education of our students, colleagues, and community.